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Rule of Nines Rule of Palms Graphic

The rule of nines is a great tool for quickly estimating the percentage of burn injury present on a patient. It’s an important assessment skill that will be used during your career and will likely come up during the National Read more…

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Graphic

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be hard to recognize when it occurs in the field. The symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to flu symptoms and can result in death. According to the CDC, carbon monoxide kills more Americans than any Read more…

Heat Illness for the EMT-2

It’s that time of year again, and in California we are experiencing heat waves and wild fires. With high humidity and temperatures over 100°F many people are at risk for a heat illness, especially our firefighters. Communities have opened up Read more…

Cable Exposed Electrocution

Electrical injuries are fairly uncommon but when they occur, electric burns can be devastating to the human body. This article will talk about the causes of electrocution and special considerations emergency medical personnel should take when treating patients with these Read more…

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