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Discover 15 Real Reasons To Become An EMT Now

Discover 15 Real Reasons To Become An EMT Now

An Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT, is a trained medical professional who can assess, treat and provide transport for patients as needed. EMTs respond to both medical and trauma related emergencies by using Basic Life Support skills on sick and injured patients.


I loved working as an EMT, so I have put together a list to share with you.


Here are 15 real reasons to become an EMT now:


1. Can Be Proud Of Your Job – You won’t be embarrassed when friends and family ask “What do you do?”


2. Entry Into The Medical Profession – Working as an EMT is great experience for moving into other healthcare positions. There is growth potential to become a paramedic, nurse, doctor, or join any other career in medicine.


3. Build Everyday Communication Skills – You will learn how to talk to people you wouldn’t normally interact with. Also, emergency medical technicians become skilled at navigating high stress situations and de-escalation.


4. Provide A Service To Your Community – Working as an EMT is a fulfilling and rewarding way to earn a living while also giving back to your community.


5. Cool Jobs Opportunities – EMT certification can allow you to work at fun jobs or events in your area that need to have medical personnel standing by. Some examples are Ski resorts, Theme Parks, Concerts, Car Races, and Festivals.

Ski Patrol EMT


6. Job In Demand And Overtime Available – In many areas EMT jobs are in demand and employment is easy to find right out of school. It’s also very common for EMTs to work overtime with 12 and 24 hour shifts.


7. No Daily Grind – Being an EMT means no more boring, monotonous job duties. Everyday is different. With different patients having different problems at different locations.


8. Connect With People Daily – Part of being an EMT is establishing a social connection with patients, family and other healthcare workers. Good EMTs are able to connect with patients using compassion and empathy.


9. Opportunities To Improve – EMTs work in a challenging environment and you can always set personal goals for yourself. This will stop you from becoming stagnant and make sure you continue to improve yourself.


10. Freedom, Fun And Excitement – EMTs get to travel around instead of working in an office with a boss looking over your shoulder. The EMT reports to a Supervisor, but while in the field it’s just you and your partner. This offers a feeling of freedom and independence that you can’t find at many other jobs.


11. What You Do Matters – Not every patient will be life and death, but you will make a difference in the life of each patient you help.


12. Find Out Early If You Picked The Wrong Career – Becoming an EMT allows you to experience emergency medicine, patient care, and many other experiences. If you’re not going to enjoy working in the medical field, it’s better to find out after 6 months of EMT training instead of after years of schooling and financial investment.


13. Young And Old Needed – EMTs can start training early or late in life because all ages are needed in the field. In fact, the oldest paramedic present at Ground Zero on 9/11, didn’t begin his training as a Paramedic until he was in his 60’s. He continued working and volunteering as a Paramedic until he was over 90 years old.


14. It Will Change You – Seeing people in their darkest days will contribute to maturity and strength in a way that’s hard to get elsewhere. Working as an EMT also gives you perspective about what matters in life.


15. And last… You will know what to do when accidents happen! – When a friend gets burned camping, your wife cuts herself in the kitchen or your hiking partner gets injured… you got it handled.


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