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Performing skills and patient assessment are a critical part of being an emergency medical technician. Whether you are currently licensed as an EMT or still in school, it’s always a good idea to stay fresh on your skills.


Pediatrics are a population that can be overlooked and may make you uncomfortable as an EMT. This is often the case because they make up a smaller portion of ambulance calls so EMTs tend to get less skills practice with children. Keep your pediatric assessment skills current on your own by using free online resources like this site to stay updated and fresh.




There are many skills that you will want to master as an emergency medical technician. Having experience is one of the most valuable traits an EMT can have, but over time skills that aren’t used can fade. It’s important to stay motivated and push yourself to keep up to date with reminders and new procedures.


For EMTs without a lot of experience, education and practice will help you become a better first responder and feel more confident while on duty. Fortunately, there are many free online resources like EMT Training Base to help you pick a topic and learn more about it. Doing this regularly will make you more informed than many of your co-workers and keep you motivated as an EMT.



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