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Best Christmas EMT Gifts 2018

EMT Christmas Gift Ideas

While shopping for the first responder in your life, it may seem like finding EMT Christmas gifts is difficult. Paramedics and EMTs are often a humble bunch who don’t brag or talk about specifics much. This can make finding paramedic Christmas gifts and EMT Christmas stocking stuffers challenging. This page focuses on Christmas and the holiday season, but many of these items make great EMS gifts all year long. 


EMS Christmas Gifts


EMT 14″ Tall Nutcracker

This 14 inch tall EMS Nutcracker is one of the more unique EMS Christmas gifts and can be a symbol of appreciation for paramedics and EMTs. He is hand crafted and handprinted with fun additions like a stethoscope and Star of Life hat. Find the Nutcracker here. 



EMT Mens Pullover Hoodie: Various Colors

These pullover hoodie sweatshirts make great EMT Christmas gifts and they are a good way for EMT friends and family to show their support. This EMT sweatshirt isn’t cluttered with all the graphics you find on a lot of EMS clothing. It’s a simple white Star of Life emblem along with the block lettering for EMT. The best part is you can choose from a variety of colors to match your first responder’s preference. Find all the color options here.


EMS Bible: Christian Standard Bible

These are nice Bibles and good EMT Christmas gifts for the spiritual first responder. This Bible features the word of Christ in red and has extra content to provide EMS personnel with spiritual guidance. There are articles written by EMS Chaplains with exploration of topics like PTSD, grief and more. The CSB Heroes Bibles have separate editions for Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services and Police Officers. There’s an older version with more reviews on Amazon, but I recommend this new one. See the latest 2017 version here.


EMS Army Canvas Backpack

EMS students need a backpack to lug around all those heavy medical texts, but not everyone likes the boxey look of a classic college backpack. If your first responder is more choosy, these heavyweight cotton canvas backpacks make great gifts for paramedic and EMTs. The cotton canvas bag comes in a few colors with different color options for the Star of Life logo. This backpack has more innovative design features than an average bag and still has all the pockets and storage you expect to find. Check out the different color options here.

Handmade Burlap EMS Gifts by Appalachian Charm

The Star of Life with personalized rank and name on burlap is one of the more unique EMS Christmas gifts. This personalized gift shows how much you care about the first responder in your life, it looks great and can be hung anywhere in the home. To get a high quality product on burlap, I recommend ordering from Appalachian Charm and avoiding imposters. The low price is for the personalized burlap art piece, no frame included. You can choose the title and name of your loved one to be added onto this great EMT Christmas gift. Go here to find it now


Best: EMT Christmas Gift


Jumbo Stocked EMT Trauma Bag 


This is a fantasy EMT bag! This isn’t the kind of trauma kit your EMT can just throw together at home. The coolest thing about this EMT bag is that it comes with an O2 cylinder so the first responder can administer oxygen to a person in distress. 



After all, recognizing a person is in respiratory distress when off duty is good, but actually being able to give O2 until help arrives is better.

EMT Jump Bag First Responder Gifts


(DOT regulations says it’s illegal to ship a tank filled with O2, so your EMT will have to fill it.) The O2 cylinder pocket is another feature that elevates this jump bag above the rest. Check out the EMT bag here.





EMS Natural Stone Coasters

Everyone’s home can use a set of stone coasters. These feature the Star of Life, the On Call For Life logo and functionality. The coasters are fun and functional EMS Christmas gifts for EMTs and paramedics everywhere. To see these and many other EMT coasters, go here.


Predator Stun Gun Flashlight

In most areas EMTs and paramedics don’t need to be armed at work, so this is a gift for personal protection when off duty.


I love my Predator stun gun flashlight and highly recommend it for off duty EMS workers and their loved ones.

The flashlight has safety features but can still be dangerous in irresponsible hands, which is why first responders are the perfect candidates for this stun gun flashlight. (The Predator doesn’t fire like a gun, but rather shocks anything you choose to put the metal teeth in contact with.)


A stun gun flashlight is one of those functional EMT Christmas gifts which also provides a non-lethal option for defense. See color options here



Favorite: Firefighter EMT Gifts


Firefighter Turnout Gear Wallet

If you know a first responder who is a Firefighter or interested in the Fire Department, this wallet is one of the coolest EMS Christmas gifts for paramedics and EMTs you will find.

The wallet is made by Fully Involved, out of genuine turnout gear, genuine leather and kevlar thread stitching. The durable wallet is a great gift for any EMT or Paramedic Firefighters. 

firefighter Turnout Gear EMS Christmas Gifts


It also comes in black, from black turnout gear, which looks great too. Surprise your first responder this year with a gift they won’t expect. Find the Turnout Gear Wallet here.





EMS Field Guide: BLS Version 9th Edition

Looking for great gifts for EMTs and AEMTs? The BLS Version of the EMS Field Guide is a great resource for both EMTs and AEMTs. The EMT in your life will thank you for getting them this field guide. It’s filled with useful charts and data including APGAR, medical abbreviations, GCS, Burn Criteria, Pediatric Vital Signs, spanish translations and much more. Find out everything that’s included here.




Paramedic: Isaiah 6:8 Framed Art  

These framed pieces make great EMS Christmas gifts because they recognize that being a first responder is a calling more than it is a job. If your family values religion, this quote from Isaiah can be a powerful inspiration for EMTs  and paramedics. Here is the Paramedic Art.




This tasteful picture is mounted, framed and ready to hang on the wall. It makes a great EMS Christmas gift and a nice addition to any first responder’s home. Todd Thunstedt has framed pieces available with different sizes and frame choices too. See it here.




EMS Field Guide: ALS Version 20th Edition

One of the best paramedic gifts out there is something that will help your favorite paramedic while on the job. The EMS Field Guide is a high quality reference field guide filled with valuable information. It is not required reading at most paramedic schools so many paramedics have never used this guide before. However, it’s a great addition to any ALS toolbox and is one of the most useful gifts for paramedic students, graduates and active paramedics. You can find the latest edition of the EMS Field Guide here.



 EMT Christmas Gifts: Top Pick


Most EMTs would love to get a pair of Leatherman Raptors as one of their EMT Christmas gifts. Leatherman Raptor Shears are the gold standard for EMS multi-tools. People that complain about the cost of the Raptors are making the mistake of seeing them as just a pair of medical shears. Leathermans are a multitool and provide 6 in 1 functionality. And they do each function well!



• Seatbelt cutter
• A ring cutter
• Carbide glass breaker
• A ruler
• Oxygen tank wrench
• Stainless steel folding medical shears

What makes the Leatherman Raptors famous is that they work… every time! Low cost EMS knives are famous for failing to cut seat belts and they break instead of shattering a car’s window. Cheap medical shears won’t cut through thick fabrics or old bandages and EMS workers don’t find out their tools will fail until the time comes to use the tools in an emergency.

The Leatherman Raptor shears make great EMS Christmas gifts for paramedics and EMTs because many people want the tool but are hesitant to spend the money on it. Instead they keep buying separate cheaper tools that frequently break. Be a hero this season and get your first responder this awesome EMS multi-tool as an EMT gift. They will love you for it! Check them out here.



EMT Christmas Stocking Stuffers


EMT Vitals Pocket Notebook (3 Pack)

These pocket sized notebooks are great EMT Christmas gifts. Help the first responder in your life quickly take down patient care information anywhere. These rugged low cost first responders notebooks can be found here. 



Ems Paracord Thin White Line Bracelet

The EMS Paracord Bracelet represents the Thin White Line for EMS personnel. This is a simple, low cost version of the EMS bracelet which makes a great EMT or Paramedic Christmas stocking stuffer. Check out the higher quality dogtag version on our EMT Gifts page before deciding which survival bracelet is best for your first responder. Find these fun EMS Christmas gifts Thin White Line bracelets here.


Star of Life 5″ White Decal 

It’s not often you find a gift for under $5, but this simple Star of Life decal makes a great EMT Christmas stocking stuffer. Whether you are shopping for EMT Christmas gifts or a paramedic Christmas stocking stuffer, every EMS worker can enjoy a decal for use on vehicles, computers, windows, phones and much more. Get the EMS decal here.




EMT Crash Course Book

The biggest event after an EMT graduates is taking the NREMT exams. Help your student get a head start on their Cognitive Exam by getting them the EMT Crash Course Book as one of their EMT Christmas gifts this year.

I highly recommend this book to anyone studying for the NREMT Cognitive Exam as a low price, but highly effective study guide. The EMT in your life will thank you! This is a valuable EMT gift idea even if your EMT has already failed the exam or is currently studying for the National Registry of EMT Cognitive Exam.

(Don’t buy this book for a Paramedic student, active Paramedic or licensed EMT.) Find the NREMT study guide here.


EMS Badge On Bill Hat 

If you’re looking for EMS Christmas gifts with a little more excitement than the simple Rothco hat featured on our Best EMS gifts page, consider this stylish EMS hat. The design has a lot more flash but is still very tasteful for a first responder to wear on and off the job. The best part is, it’s a low-priced gift for paramedics and EMTs everywhere. Find it here.




EMS Christmas Ornaments


If you are wondering what to get an EMT for Christmas this year, one option is to get EMS Christmas ornaments for any first responders in your life. They are a great addition to any Christmas tree and can represent the important role first responders have in both the community and the family.

1. EMS Ambulance Ornament – Flat

Celebrate the EMT or paramedic in your life by adding a unique ornament to their holiday traditions. This is one of the great looking EMS Christmas ornaments that can also be personalized with the name of your loved one. I love the look of this for EMT Christmas gifts or a stocking stuffer, but to be clear, the ornament only looks 3D, it’s actually flat. Find it here


2. Jump Bag EMS Christmas Ornament

This orange jump bag EMS Christmas ornament is a great Christmas gift for any EMT or paramedic. It’s hand painted featuring a stethoscope, BP cuff and Star of Life logo. This makes a nice addition to any Christmas tree this holiday season. Check it out here




3. Birch Wood Ambulance Ornament

Looking for attractive personal EMS Christmas ornaments to give as EMT Christmas gifts? These birch wood ornaments are handmade in South Carolina and make a great addition to the holidays. Paramedics and EMTs will enjoy the engraved design and appreciate your unique EMT gift idea this season. These EMS Christmas ornaments can also be personalized by adding a name or message. Find it here.




5. Volunteer EMS Porcelain Ornament

Volunteer first responders are vital for maintaining a working emergency response system all over the country. Our volunteer EMS are the lifeblood of 911 and emergency response systems in states across America. These paramedics, EMTs and other first responders often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Show the volunteer EMS first responder in your life some appreciation with these beautiful porcelain EMS Christmas ornaments. EMS Christmas gifts can be a great way to honor the hero in your life. Check it out here.


6. Star of Life Birch Wood Ornament

These classic looking birch wood ornaments can be perfect EMT or paramedic Christmas gifts. This Star of Life ornament is hand made in South Carolina and can be personalized with the name of your loved one (and/or a date). It makes a great addition to any EMT Christmas tree. See it here.





7. Porcelain EMS Christmas Ornaments

Looking for attractive EMS Christmas gifts? This porcelain ornament features the EMS Star of Life along with the On Call for Life logo. It’s a great looking way to show appreciation to the first responder in your life and makes for great EMT or paramedic Christmas gifts. You can find these EMS Christmas ornaments by clicking here





What to get an EMT for Christmas who has everything?


Here are amazing first responder statues that make fantastic EMS Christmas gifts for the first responder who has everything, or for the local Fire Station. Below are just three of their life size EMS statues including the Paramedic, Fireman and Policeman. 


 Life Size Paramedic Statue


These life size statues are hand made in Kellogg, Minnesota and can be seen on display in towns all across America.



•Life Size Concrete Fireman Statue in a Two Toned Brassy Bronze Painted Finish•






These high quality statues can withstand freezing temperatures and outdoors elements. I wish I had a yard big enough for these!


Life Size Policeman Statue


Hopefully this list helps you figure out what to get an EMT for Christmas in 2018. Finding EMT gifts can be challenging, but it’s fun when you find something you know they will love. This list has unique EMT Christmas gifts that first responders everywhere can enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our Best EMT Gifts 2018 page for even more great ideas.


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