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Best EMT Gifts 2018

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Coming up with ideas about gifts for paramedics and EMTs in your life can be a real challenge. It’s hard to know what items your first responder needs versus the tools they already have. Finding EMT gifts can be difficult, but I’ve put together the ultimate list of great EMS gifts to help inspire you. 


This list is great for every occasion including EMT graduation gifts, holiday presents and it has gift ideas for paramedic students. Our ultimate list of EMT gift ideas is good no matter who the first responder in your life is. Whether it’s a friend, parent, child or spouse, we have gifts to suit every everyone.

Be sure to check out our Best Christmas EMT Gifts in 2018 page for more EMT gift ideas.


EMT Gifts


EMT Prayer Black Stone Plaque

Showcase your love and appreciation for an EMT with this beautiful slate plaque. It features the EMT prayer and a full color image of an ambulance with the Star of Life on display in the background. The EMT Prayer Plaque comes with a pedestal stand and makes a great EMT gift. Check it out here.




Ann Arbor Star of Life T-Shirt

Picking out good gifts for EMTs is not the easiest task. You can’t go wrong with this low-priced, made in America, unisex, soft fabric T-shirt. It comes in Navy Blue with a red Star of Life design and the letters EMT printed on the chest and back. These make great EMT gifts because they have quality and value combined in one gift. Also, the soft fabric is pre-shrunk and has an American flag on the sleeve. Watch the Ann Arbor video and see the shirt for yourself here.




EMS Blue Metal Wall Hanging

Basically, every room can benefit from this Blue Metal Star of Life Wall Plaque. This unique wall hanging is a great looking way to proudly show off the EMS logo. These make great EMS gifts, are made in the USA and can be used both indoors and out. See it here.




Black Firefighter Turnout Gear Wallet

This is one of those EMS gifts that’s a hit with firefighter EMTs and Paramedics. This wallet is fun for anyone who is a fan of firefighters, and it comes made from either original turnout gear or black turnout gear.



fire-fighter-black-turnout-EMS-GiftsThe wallets are made by Fully Involved out of genuine turnout gear, genuine leather and kevlar thread stitching. These Black Turnout Gear Wallets are functional, look great and make wonderful EMT gifts anytime of the year.

Surprise your first responder with a gift they won’t be expecting. Find the Turnout Gear Wallet here.




Black EMS Hat by Rothco

If you are looking for simple EMT gift ideas for the first responder in your life, consider this Black EMS Insignia Hat by Rothco. The hat has a simple blue Star of Life logo embroidered onto the black cap. It makes a subtle statement for the humble EMT or paramedic. Check out the Rothco EMS hat here




EMT Students & Paramedic Graduation Gifts


Leatherman Raptor Shears

Leatherman Raptor Shears are the gold standard for EMS multi-tools. People that complain about the cost of the Raptors are making the mistake of judging them as a pair of medical shears. Leatherman Raptors are a multitool that provide 6 in 1 functionality and they do every function well!

The Raptor Shears have:

• Stainless Steel Folding Medical Shears
• A Ruler
• Carbide Glass Breaker
• A Ring Cutter
• Oxygen Tank Wrench
• Seatbelt Cutter

What makes the Leatherman Raptors so well known is that they work every single time. Cheap EMS knives are famous for failing to cut seat belts and they often break instead of shattering a car’s windows. Low cost medical shears won’t cut through old bandages or thick clothing and first responders don’t find about tool failure until they need the tools in an emergency.

The Leatherman Raptor Tools make great gifts for paramedics and EMTs because many people want it, but won’t buy it for themselves. Instead they keep buying separate cheaper tools that frequently break. Be a hero and get your first responder this awesome EMS multi-tool. They will love you for it! Check it out for yourself here.




EMS Field Guide: BLS 

The BLS EMS Field Guide is a one of the most useful EMT gifts you can get for an EMT student or recent graduate. It’s a valuable field guide for EMTs and AEMTs and will be a helpful tool during school and after getting hired. Find the field guide here





Large Laptop Backpack 

This high capacity backpack is one of those EMS gifts that will keep on giving. This backpack has tons of features and is a great gift for Paramedics and EMTs going through school. It’s a modern backpack that provides the functionality and durability for carrying EMT or paramedic books, electronics, school supplies and medical gear all over town.

For detailed pictures of the compartments and backpack features check out the Amazon page here.




EMS Field Guide: ALS

Looking for good gifts for paramedic students? The Advanced Life Support EMS Field Guide is a fantastic resource and that will come in handy both during paramedic school and then long into an EMS career. The latest 2017 edition can be given as paramedic gifts for students or experienced paramedics. Find it here.




EMS Hero’s Valor Prayer Coin

This durable challenge coin should be added to your EMT graduation gifts list. It is a great keepsake with a prayer of protection to watch over the first responder in your life. These coins are high quality with long lasting colors and come in two versions: one for Medics and one for EMTs. Be sure to choose the correct one at check out. See these great EMS gifts here.




EMS All-Weather Pocket Notebook 

Looking for EMT gifts for the first responder working in rainy climates? The Rite in the Rain Weatherproof EMS Notebooks are great EMS gifts for first responders who may get called out to an accident during a rainstorm at 2AM. Your first responder won’t have to watch their patient care reports melt away in the rain anymore.

Now they can pull out a waterproof EMS notebook, assess the patient, put the notebook in their EMT pant’s pocket and then use it to give report, no matter what the weather is!

These EMS notebooks can withstand water, mud and grease and you can find them here.




EMT Folding Clipboard 

Looking for unique EMT gifts for an EMT or AEMT? This full size clipboard is a medical reference, storage for 15 – 30 papers and has the ability to fold in half and fit into scrub or cargo pockets. The EMT Folding Clipboard comes in blue and black and is a good field guide containing information like the rule of nines, 12 lead EKG interpretation, medical acronyms and more. This portable clipboard makes a great gift for EMTs, especially students. Find it here.





More EMT Gift Ideas



EMS Rustic Wall Art

If you are looking for unique EMT gifts, this Rustic Wall Art is sure to be a hit with the first responder in your life. This amazing wall art is created in South Carolina by Carolina Pallet Designs using a unique wood burning technique.

You can get the Star of Life logo pictured above or pay an extra $5 to have it customized with your loved ones name at the bottom. This Rustic Wall Art makes a great gift for paramedics and EMTs everywhere. See it here.




Paramedic Flag Sticker

Looking for a quality vinyl sticker that paramedics and EMTs will love. Check out this American Flag Star of Life sticker made in Texas. These peel and stick rustic decals make great EMT gifts that all EMS workers can enjoy. Check out the paramedic flag sticker here




Volunteer EMS Natural Stone Coasters

Volunteer EMS play an important role in maintaining a working emergency response system all over the country. Our volunteer EMS are the lifeblood of 911 and emergency response in many states; and these Paramedics, EMTs and other first responders deserve special recognition. These quality Natural Stone Coasters make great EMS gifts while showing pride in your volunteer first responder. To get these attractive EMT gifts go here.





Paracord Dogtag EMS Bracelet

Finding EMS gifts can be hard, but this Paracord Dogtag Bracelet makes a great gift for first responders who like to be prepared. This high quality bracelet looks great and is made with up to 16 feet of 550 military spec paracord connecting to each side of a Star of Life dogtag.

Blue paracord highlights the Thin White Line to represent EMS workers everywhere.

Another reason this paracord bracelet should make your EMS gifts list this year: Survival Straps will replace the bracelet for the cost of shipping if you ever have to use it for survival purposes. Find it here.




Lightning X Jumbo Oxygen EMS Bag 

Looking for great EMS gifts? This fully stocked trauma bag will impress any first responder! This isn’t a trauma bag your first responder can just throw together at home. What makes this Jumbo EMS Trauma Bag so amazing is that in addition to a ton of medical supplies, it also comes with the oxygen tank.

Having your own supply of O2 while off duty is extremely helpful and having a trauma bag with space for an oxygen cylinder is great. After all, recognizing that a person is in respiratory distress when off duty is good, but actually being able to administer oxygen until help arrives is essential.

(DOT regulations makes it illegal to ship an O2 tank filled with O2 gas, so EMS will have to fill it themselves.) Go here for a full list of everything included in this EMT bag.



Even More EMS Gifts



Adventures of An EMT Journal

Coming up with EMT gift ideas can be challenging. This Adventures of an EMT Quotes Journal is a fun way first responders can record memorable days at work. The journal is a low cost and unique EMT gift that will surprise any creative emergency medical technician. Add this to your EMT gifts list by going here.





Ems Medallion 5-Picture Collage Frame

Looking for unique EMS gifts with a personal touch? This EMS Collage Frame is made in the USA and features the Star of Life medallion along with space for five photos. The pictures are set in a double layer of blue matting with gold trim. These are great EMT gifts to honor your favorite EMS or volunteer EMS workers. They also have firefighter, police and military collage frames available here.





EMS (2 Oz.) Shot Glasses

These sturdy shots glasses are EMS gifts that are fun when your first responder is ready to unwind. The EMS on Call for Life logo is an attractive addition to a paramedic or EMTs glassware collection. The shot glasses are sold individually, and in sets. There are also EMT Pilsner and Pint glasses available. Find out more about the EMT shot glasses here.




EMT Sweatpants

Emergency medical technicians can enjoy relaxing into a pair of comfy sweatpants day or night with this EMT gift. The sweatpants proudly display the star of life and EMT abbreviation without being too flashy. These are a great gift for EMTs in the field, new graduates and can help motivate students working their way through EMT school. You can find them here





5 Piece Twist Decanter Set: Lead Free Crystal   

Decanter Glass Sets make great EMS gifts and add sophistication and ceremony when relaxing with friends after a difficult shift. This 5 Piece Liquor Set is designed with a “Twist” to give the glassware a stylish look.

It features a lead free crystal decanter, which is essential because lead can seep into the liquor over time. Impress your first responder by surprising them with this high quality gift set. Learn more about it here




Find a meaningful gift for the first responder in your life in 2018. Use our EMT gifts guide to come up with paramedic and emt gift ideas for any occasion and show your appreciation and love. Don’t forget to look at our Best Christmas EMS Gifts for 2018 page for more ideas and inspiration.


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