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Becoming an EMT

Are you interested in finding a career as an Emergency Medical Technician? If you enjoy helping people and don’t mind a fast-paced environment in the medical field, becoming an EMT might be the job for you. These first responders are the first to arrive on scene in emergency situations and must be aware of on scene safety while they provide emergency services.


EMT’s use their comprehensive knowledge base to administer care to patients in the field and stabilize the patient for transport to the hospital setting. EMT training isn’t easy, but it is attainable for anyone with the desire to join the EMS field.


Becoming a first responder is a great way to start in Emergency Medical Services and can lead to many other healthcare career options. I started out working as an EMT in an ambulance and ultimately went on to become a Registered Nurse in the ICU.


This was not my plan in the beginning, but the two professions share many of the same passions, roles and responsibilities.


If you are looking into becoming an Emergency Medical Technician because you want an exciting career helping the public and even saving lives I want to encourage you to keep moving forward.


This is a career with skills that can be practiced and tested without going to four years of college, making it more available than other careers like a Doctor or even a Nurse.


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EMT Program

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What is an EMT Ambulance

EMT Courses

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EMT certification checklist

EMT Certification

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EMS Workers and Volunteers with Helicopter

EMT Jobs

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EMT Salary Human Figures in Money

EMT Salary

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National Registry Paramedic

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EMT Requirements by State

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I recommend checking out How to Become an EMT for a quick guide on the steps needed to get your emergency medical technician license. The articles above are in-depth information about each step in the EMT training process, starting at signing up for an EMT program and continuing all the way through to getting a job as an EMT. There is also an in-depth article about Paramedic training school changes and information on the updated National Registry Paramedic testing scenarios.


It may seem overwhelming, but you can become an EMT. Take it one page and one step at a time. Start looking for EMT training programs in your area today. You can finish schooling, take the NREMT exams, get your state license, and be working as an EMT in less than a year. (If you take an accelerated program you can do it much faster.) 



Becoming an EMT Infographic

This Becoming an EMT infographic gives a quick summary of the steps required to work as an emergency medical technician. 


Infographic Becoming an EMT

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