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Medical terminology can feel like it’s own language. While it can be overwhelming in the beginning, eventually medical terminology, acronyms and abbreviations will help you to communicate more succinctly. There is a definite advantage for EMTs and Paramedics that comes with knowing abbreviations and terminology. It helps you quickly chart a complete picture of your patient and also helps with giving a strong verbal report to other medical professionals.




Check out the EMT mnemonics and Acronyms post for details about common EMS acronyms like APGAR, AVPU, DCAP BTLS, and more. These can be great memory tools for assessing patients in the field.


The EMT Medical Abbreviations post is an entire page filled with abbreviations in a list format. For example, you can find out that BVM means bag valve mask and BLS stands for basic life support. Check this page out if you want an extensive list of EMS abbreviations.


The Basic EMT Terminology page gets into the basics with information on prefix, suffix and root words parts. You can find table with a break down of medical terms and a quiz at the end to help test your knowledge.


Any job in the medical field will require some basic knowledge about medical terms and how to use medical language appropriately. Use these posts and other free online resources to get ahead or to expand your basic medical knowledge.




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