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Once you get to the end of EMT training, most EMT schools will begin to discuss the specific requirements for testing with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Some states don’t require the NREMT test, but a majority do.


There are two different types of NREMT test – the Cognitive and Psychomotor exams. 


Passing the NREMT test can be a real challenge for many EMT students. In fact, it’s not uncommon for candidates to retake the cognitive exam because they failed the first time. For this reason, preparing for the NREMT test is very important and many candidates use apps, EMT prep classes and other paid tools to get ahead.


Finding free resources for NREMT test prep is always useful, and this site will provide as many free resources and information as possible to help you pass.










NREMT Test Information

Students will need to sign up for the Cognitive Exam which is computer administered testing with the National Registry of EMT. They will also need to complete the Psychomotor Exam which is a hands on, practical testing to determine the candidates level of competency for each skill being tested.


The NREMT exam page covers detailed information on both the Basic EMT and Advanced EMT National Registry exams. You will find out about how each cognitive test differs and there is good information provided to help candidates do well with the different type of computer based testing used in the exams. You will also find detailed information about the EMT-B and AEMT Psychomotor exams on the National Registry of EMT exam page.


The NREMT Exam page also lists the ten emergency medical response skills tested for in the Basic EMT psychomotor exam along with the expected criteria for passing each skill. For information on Advanced EMT testing stations and details on each of the ten skills tested during the psychomotor exam scenarios, scroll towards the bottom of the page and you will find the AEMT section.


Paramedic Testing

This National Registry Paramedic page gives detailed information about the NREMT Paramedic exams and paramedic program changes that went into effect as of August 2016. There is information on the newly required Paramedic Portfolio, including details about what worksheets and forms are needed and why.


The August 2016 changes not only effect paramedic programs, but also the National Registry paramedic psychomotor exam. You can find detailed information about the new 6 scenario psychomotor exam, which has replaced the previous 12 skill test.


The National Registry Paramedic page also has detailed instructions for each of the 6 scenarios, including tips and information on exactly what is being evaluated. There is now more focus on the role of the paramedic both as a team member and team leader when working inside the EMS team.



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