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Becoming employed as an EMT can be easy or challenging depending on your level of training and where you are located in the United States. Many areas have a surplus of EMT jobs available and new grads can easily get hired right out of school. However, in some areas EMTs find it difficult to get hired and other areas may only offer volunteer positions.


Here are some resources about EMT work to help you decide what you kind of EMT work you are interested in, what salary to expect and how to make a resume.


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Once an Emergency Medical Technician completes EMT training and becomes licensed and certified, they can begin looking for employment. Some of the most common EMT jobs are inside a hospital, working on an ambulance, responding to 911 calls, and working with the fire department.


A new EMT will need to determine which EMT job is the best fit and make sure they are qualified to apply for the job. For example, to become a firefighter Paramedic the candidate will need to meet the basic requirement of their Fire Department. This usually includes a physical abilities test, written test and an oral interview.


Check out the EMT jobs page for good information about the difference between ambulance services that respond to 911 calls and ambulance services that provide mostly interfacility transfers of non-emergency patient calls. 


While looking for available EMT jobs, the hourly wages or annual EMT salary will probably be an important factor. There are some things like geography, level of certification, experience level, type of job, and amount of overtime worked which can significantly affect the salary of the EMT.


Check out the EMT Salary page for specific salary information about each level of EMT training (EMT-B), AEMT/EMTI, EMTP) with statistics and tables reflecting the average salaries for each of these medical professions. This page also has the top 5 paying states for EMT and Paramedic salaries.


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