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Listening to posterior breath sounds

This guide to auscultating lung sounds will cover everything emergency medical technicians (EMT) need to know about assessing a patient’s breath sounds. Lung auscultation is an important medical skill that EMTs and paramedics should be familiar with. You will learn Read more…

Guide to the Pediatric Assessment Triangle First responders perform the Pediatric Assessment Triangle to gain a quick impression of how critical a child’s illness is. It’s a pediatric assessment tool that works well with children because it is non-invasive and doesn’t require Read more…

Care Ambulance California EMT

SAMPLE History The SAMPLE history is a mnemonic that Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) use to elicit a patient’s history during the early phases of the patient assessment. It’s common for emergency medical service (EMS) personnel to use mnemonics and acronyms as Read more…

EMT Primary Survey Assessment

Primary Assessment EMT The primary survey, also called the primary assessment, is done by the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) after arriving on scene. It is done quickly at first contact with the patient. The primary survey is the beginning portion Read more…

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